About Me

I am SALAMI GBENGA MATTHEW, a writer, teacher, preacher, motivator, an entrepreneur and a home builder, from Nigeria. I bag a Professional Certificate in Statistics, Diploma in Data Processing, Certificate in Data Analysis, all from University of Ibadan with a degree in Philosophy in Adekunle Ajasin University (AAU) Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, alongside with Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) certificate as part of my portfolio, in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

I was trained in the field of humanity and this made me to be reasonably proficient when it comes to letters. I had a strong passion about internet and how it functions with a dream of being able to stabilize myself with internet enabling facilities so as to lay to rest the issue of wandering about for job placement, impact positively and subside same, in the life of unemployed teeming youths who are interested in this field all over the globe.


  • To penetrate and sustain unemployed youths using reliable and improve means of livelihood that will bring out the best in them.
  • To better put in place an ideology that will sustain transfer of knowledge, entrepreneurial and technical skills.
  • To develop and put in place a home base knowledge that are self sufficient in building a better society.

This was what spurs me into action to be independent of myself with a view to establish a blog, coupled with a philosophical research niche both from me and friends that would be for all, and such, that would be more beneficiary for majors in Arts and Humanities.

To kick off my ideas, I started with some write-ups, that was in January, 2017 without being in haste because I knew within me that internet is a huge market with great potentials in term of money making online, therefore, this demanded for patience to grow it.

To be precise, to me destiny lies solely on one’s palm coupled with the fact that knowledge is power. With my knowledge, I strongly believed that achieving success is in tandem with faith in Supreme Being, right mindset to work hard and love of what one does, as this will propels ones’ dream into reality.

Base on the above views, I would be able to give my quota of endowments to humanity in a Knowledge economy, as such, contributing to the economy of the world.


My sincere regards,


The DG/CEO, https://www.goldvendor.com.ng