By: Olugbenga-Salami, F.O. [Health Practitioner], 

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The world population is around 7.2 billion projected to increase by 1 billion over the next 12 years and reach 9.6 billion by 2050, according to a United Nations report launched. Efforts are on course telling people about the roles of family planning and helping them make reproductive health decision. This is done in face-to-face discussion, through radio, counseling, television, newspaper, community events. Etc.

                                                              According to World Health Organization, family planning is a way of spacing our children and thereby having children by choice and not by chance in other for the family and country to be in good health. Among the human basic needs which include food, shelter, education and health, if family planning is neglected, it will in future affect all these human basic needs. Through research, we have learnt that almost everyone can use modern family planning methods, at the same time we are able to single out the people who should use certain methods.

For example, combine oral contraceptives pills help stop anemia, reduce pelvic inflammatory diseases, decreases menstrual cramps and pain in some cases and in the negative in another, according to users. Others are: Injectable, Non-plants, I.U.C.D or IUDs (Intra uterine contraceptive device), Barrier, Spermicide, Surgical(Vasectomy and Tubal ligation), and others.

In respect of any methods used, the importance fathomable is for individuals or couples to adequately space the process of conception, pregnancy, and child birth at intervals mutually determined by both husband and wife in other to have the desired number of children they can conveniently cater for. This is the reason health program were put in place to inform, involve and educate people to have their sexual intercourse at will, and of course, to promote matrimonial peace.

At best, it is important for you to know what methods works to include:

  1. What they look like.
  2. How they work or how to use them correctly.  
  3. “How reliable they are”.
  4. What side effects or other problems might arise with their use.

In short, here is a take that can adequately take care of all these mind-boggling issues. Simply, it’s RING.

Courtesy: Pixabay

This is discovered to make family planning easy for all women in their reproductive age without palaver of cessation of menstruation, swollen belly, excessive bleeding, break in cycle, and a host of other challenges encountered by females in their child bearing age.

The RING is effective without side effects compared to known family planning methods, as it can adequately help parents to plan their life with ease without carrying complications that might result from known methods of family planning up and down.

In the course, “the rule is simple”, just abide by it to avoid pollution or misuse. Ordinarily, everyone is careful when it comes to taking analgesic, in case of over dose. The same applies, it’s simple.

It does not cost much, as you can bear it, in comparison with other methods and its complications upon renewal. You do not need to renew the RING, and it spans life time, provided you abide by the rule. The RING is always available and can get to you anywhere in Nigeria, perhaps, abroad if you are ready to bear the cost.

If you are interested, you can call or WhatApps these phone numbers +2348030459275, +2349050206641, +2348133009886 or mail , you shall surely be attended to; and your queries taken care of, base on the above and medically.

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