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Raped and abused by the Children Of God – a sex cult survivor tells her tragic story


Christina is now 42 and a mother of four. All Christine Babin knew as a child growing up during the 1960s was the deranged sex cult known as the Children Of God. Her mother entered the cult when Christine was just a baby, and weaned her on a steady diet of orgies, prostitution and violence.

At only 11, Christine herself was initiated into the cult’s morbid practices when a married couple took her into their bedroom to teach her how to ‘enjoy sex’. Pfizer’s getting a hard time in Jamaica over fake Viagra It may sound horrible but this was standard practice for those initiated into the cult, such was the power that its leader, David Brandt Berg, had over his followers.

He often encouraged them to teach children about the joys of sex, so much that Christine felt guilty she had not enjoyed the abuse. ‘That’s how much control and ­coercion there was,’ Christina said when speaking to The Mirror. ‘We were told that sex was a good thing and that we should enjoy it.

‘Afterwards I heard the man say “That just felt so wrong”. I’m not ­diminishing what this couple did in any way, but they were clearly brainwashed too.’ One follower clutches a book and carries a cross as the group stages a march at Trafalgar Square in 1971.

Brandt Berg established the sect in late 1960s, which has since been renamed The Family International and even today still works with children in as many as 80 countries. He adopted a technique called ‘flirty fishing’, in which younger girls were sent out to recruit new male members using sex as a lure, members who, according to Christine, would often be ‘physically and sexually abusive’.

Christine was raped another two times in the US, then at age of 12 was sent to Japan with her brother to take part in an unforgiving indoctrination camp, before being moved around Japan for the following two years to live in communes under sustained physical and mental abuse.

She said: ‘We were trained to be emotional robots, ­always happy, always smiling – no matter what.

We weren’t allowed to play or read books and one of the only films we were allowed to watch was The Sound Of music because the Von Trapp kids were always happy.’

Christine’s tragic journey continued on to the Philippines where at the age of 15 she was sent to a reprogramming camp with her brother, where she said she was beaten, put in solitary confinement and made to make pledges to the cult constantly, often wetting the bed out of fear and being told bedtime stories about ‘the oncoming apocalypse’.

Christina as a young girl, Her brother vanished for two months at the camp after being put into isolation for having ‘worldly thoughts’.

After living in relentless hell for over two years, the siblings were sent back to America, where they had their passports burned so as to erase the history of the cult from their lives.

Christine, now 42 and mother of four, perhaps incredibly, doesn’t hold on to any hatred for her mother or any other cult members.

‘They have to live with what they did while I’ve moved on with my life. I have four beautiful children and I’m so grateful for every day I live in freedom’. After arrests were made in over 130 communes Brandt Berg went on the run from authorities in 1993, but died a year later at the age of 74.

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