2017 NPowerNG: The Final Selection of Applicant’s Name.


Obviously, it’s been a while I have written about NPowerNG. It is not far from the truth that I have been called by people for them to hear one or two things  about the status, and of course, whether the programme is a “SCAM” as revealed by some people on social media.

Prior to 2017 NPowerNG arrangement to bring more unemployed graduates into the system, the team has been known for its exemplary attitude of handling issues, through to integrity, oneness in coordination, right mindset to life, especially, in speech with grace, seasoned with salt vis-à-vis how ought to answer every man on social media.

Right from the inception of this present government (APC), it has been part of their agenda to manifest this reality, just like a dream, it was a success as 2016 applicants are now gradually counting down for the best. To leverage on this, NPowerNG 2017 is also a reality as against the ‘scam’ images tendered in the first paragraph.

To this extent, NPowerNG 2017 applicants are set to see their names on the “Final Selection List” with a view to get everyone selected. Let me quickly say this: Your opportunity will locate you wherever you are by ‘HIS GRACE’. 

Of a truth, NPowerNG team is selecting less than 800,000 people as against the first selection list. This which the team is working on to ensure attainment of success in its even distribution.

On this standing, let’s all be calm, simple and be visionary without being pressed as the ‘best’ awaits you. Accept whatever that comes your way in good faith and forge ahead, as you are destine for greatness beyond this template.

On a final note, NPowerNG will deliver on its mandate within the shortest possible time. We can see clearly that “N-POWER BUILD” is equally receiving attention .

So please, slow and steady win the race. We all need patience in this, and of course, to actualise our dream.

Let’s behave like a sincere rational man and channel our thoughts with element of reasonableness without abuse.

“SUPREME BEING” is at work, it shall be well with you.

Thanks indeed! 


Gbenga Matthew SALAMI.

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