Looting Phenomenon in Africa: The Way Forward!

By: Gbenga Matthew SALAMI,

Africa is highly endowed when it comes to do with bet of knowledge but quite bad, worrisome and disgusting when one sees that the content of African brains harbour looting phenomenon and corruption.

This barbaric act was the template exhumed as the Zimbabwe military found more sums of money at the home of the Minister of Finance than at the country’s Bank.

That’s Zimbabwe minister for finance has this massive loot in his coffer speak volume of a bad ideological view working against developmental trend in African society.

In basic term, Africans are in trouble with their leaders, this amounting to neglect and backwardness among comity of world daily success story.

Who will come to the rescue of common Africans? 

The time is now to revisit our failing constitution for the overall benefit of the poor masses, if indeed, we intend to continue using such.

Sensing War?

This should not be the answer to our agelong pollution but consistent and positive ideological mindset to revolt against “this animals” calling themselves leaders, as such, rattling our society with disease of varying degree. We cannot afford to destroy the work of our hands, even God didn’t destroy us when he discovered we were a disgrace to him in some tenets, rather pave way for remodification. We must say ‘NO’ to dark age in view.

It shall work out. The time is now, let’s start the process.

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