JUST IN 2017 Pre-selection NPowerNG Exercise: The Truth and The Journey so Far… 


The truth about NPowerNG 2017 beneficiaries selection exercise is that it has to do with series of connected accident at the extreme with those just preselected and others in view.

For a fact, the results were out according to the team’s stipulations as the event unfolded. In this exercise, many people were preselected via their mobile handle waiting for authentication via ‘NPOWER portal’ while numerous others groped about their fate as no message was sent and access denied on the ‘NPowerNG portal’ perhaps, due to network hiccups. Till this hour of filing this reports, NPowerNG portal remain down and poor in its loading process.

Without mincing words, the exercise continues, as many people will still receive ‘CONGRATS’ alerts today. Nothing to panic about. You’ll be preselected.

NPowerNG access portal is currently undergoing correction and technical management for its proper function so as to restore the true identity of the team.

Be patient, as the team is passing sleepless night to ensure things are in good shape, just as you are passing sleepless night to authenticate your validation with the NPowerNG.

Soonest, normalcy shall be restored. Thanks for your patients and understanding. Have a lovely day ahead.

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2 thoughts on “JUST IN 2017 Pre-selection NPowerNG Exercise: The Truth and The Journey so Far… ”

  1. N power is biased and frivolous what is the yardstick for the selection to pick someone who did not study agricultural related course and left an agric economics graduate who can never fail the test that is bad of them n power to me is scam

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