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Maintenance Of Lasting Marriage: THE RULES!

By: SALAMI Gbenga Matthew,

“Perfect Marriage” is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other for the sake of bond both have shared together. What is this bond? Love, success and wealth! Without one, the other cannot stand tall. The trio is like unity in diversity. It has to complement each other for the mission to be accomplished. They are inseparable and formed the base and corporate unit of existence in all marriages.

These three entities are translated into the following key and undeniable facts!

                     6 POWERFUL TIPS.
1. Prayer: Commune together in your touch with God. This tendency brings about close communion both in morning, afternoon and night, and of course, it is the foundation in which the acclaimed bond oscillates, through, to the use of your Bible, Rings, Quran, etc. It acts as a marriage vows and expresses the fact that you are limited to invite third party into the relationship.

2.Cherish and Adore Each Other: Cream the first sight and picture of the Love both of you had in your first appearance. Note that first impression last longer in the mind and in memory. Let the beauty and the inner thoughts behind the reason why both of you marry each other radiate and both should focus on them. Think about your spouse as perfect soul mate and consider her inadequacies as your own and vice versa.

3.Time: Do have a consistent time with each other. Time is currency in relation to marriage, thus, invest in it. Make use of your time to associate with people who will strengthen your marriage and dissociate yourselves from people who will compromise your character. Make use of your time to prioritize your inner actions; I mean, happenings in the bed room, be free to say your mind. Don’t feel shy or intimidated. Keep your phone switch off if it needs be because of distraction. Say thank you to each other after the fun. There is nothing bad in bathing together, especially, when you have your apartment separated from your children. Having picnics together is also part of the avenue to put things in place rightly. On each outing, you discuss about new knowledge and, perhaps, meeting new friends with your children. Picnics and outings make one’s marriage stronger.

4. Respect Each Other: A wise saying says; Respect is reciprocal. This must manifest in a long lasting marriage. One person must not be carried like a pinch of salt while the other is expected to be carried like a bag of rice. Feel connected and appreciate each other without emotional dissatisfaction. ‘Not sexual intercourse this time around’. Playing tit for tat should not be part of marriage. This evolved from disrespect and unwarranted behaviours. Think about the right actions before putting it to play. Bad utterance is like a thorn in the body, if uttered, so one must avoid it. He is your crown and she is your jewel. Treasure each other to have a near perfect marriage.

5.Peaks and Valleys: This point simply refers to an unpleasant moments. We all go through this scenario. Think about what you can do to make your partner happy in case such happened. Let strong intimacy exist. Learn to forgive each other more and walk away with knotty issues and always accept responsibility and deficiency by desisting from blame and hate syndrome. Better trust each other through to behaviour, let peace reign and stay away from back-biting. Resolve issues amicably in the absence of third party. You must not nurse bad thought against your spouse, as this, is indirectly against your self-wills and personality.

To be frank, be kind to each other always and one must not lose focus of the fact that life is about peaks and valleys to stand erect. With God, consciousness and readiness to change, one shall overcome it, so far, one can also establish middle ground and accept the fact that; nobody wins and loss as a couple.

6.I would like to cap it all with this point, called “Baba Ijebu”. Some men like playing truancy even in new marriages. He doesn’t stay at home. What does he do outside? He gambled! He has turned himself into a gambler by playing different Kind of betting games, and as such, his home suffers. Atimes, some men took to adultery and cause the real house wife to suffer bad fate. Not all men are cheater and not all women are cheater. Above all, one must learn to maintain a clean appearance at all times, as trust, love, peace, communication, with success and wealth are the soul and engine of strong marriage. Blessed!


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