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By: SALAMI Gbenga Matthew


Talents are natural, inborn qualities one has; in other words, it is an endowment one is given from above without labour to stand out among peers. It is specially inbuilt, rare qualities; one has and manifests it without stress. You can build on it as your own area of specialization to become a better person in life. It is a product of anointing of ease. With ease, one becomes successful and it is independent of economic woes most times. It is a gift from GOD.

People are talented differently. Some to dancing, singing, making money with little or no effort, preaching, talking, writing, driving, selling, running, footballing, wrestling,  in the area of jurisprudence, etc. Talents technically and generally could be inherited through training in our families, and as such, it becomes our strength and constitute the expertise and capacity to do things people considered as being hard.

Taking a cue from different lines of reasoning, Talents and Gifts flow together. Talents are believed to be natural while Gifts are supernatural. Knowing your Talents, Abilities, and Gifts are basic things that would reduce your stress as to what life could offer in the presence of defects amounting to chilling and excruciating government policies.


  1. You do not have to be on the cue expecting your Talents to erupt overnight like a molten magma that solidifies into igneous rock. For your rock to Stand, you have to try something. Explore those Gifts that are hidden. Try what you are interested in, see whether you fit in. Bring out a product through this medium, sell it out. In the process, how do you feel and what were your experiences? Think inwardly about this. You must have learn one or two things from this and build it up.

2. Think about what you do that comes so easy, perhaps, others find it so difficult, especially, something you like doing best. Artist nature in drawing or composing songs could be that opportunity.

3.Learn to be calm and simple. Do not develop a rash approach to issues. Follow your mind, develop your innate ideas. Try to solve a problem that is lie hanging begging for solution and see whether there could be a way out. Perhaps, you solved it with little or no effort. Thus, this is one of your strength.

4.Take a view of your life. What have you been helping people to do without taking cognizance of the values it can add to your own life? You do them successfully with little or no effort. Visualize it from this angle; Manufacturing, Repairing, Cloth making, working as a procurement officer in an establishment. As a procurement officer for instance; the problem you solved, ask yourself; what method did you employ to achieve the success. Can you translate them into a venture of your own? If you have a strong YES! Then, this key is for you.

5. Get in touch with your friends; it could be your wife. Engage them when you are happy together to tell you the areas they think you are good at. Tell them not to spot your negative side. With their rapport and surveillance with you over time, and of course, they were in their happy mood, they would tell you jokingly and point blank, “that you are good at so and so”. If you are married, your wife is in best position to spot this, because, she would know you inside out.

6.Survey your past inwardly, what did you enjoyed doing best then, and now. Can you reconcile those things together? If YES! What good impacts can they make, by harnessing them together? Key in, into these. They are your best areas.

To get out of the freaking daunting moments without wasting times, fine tune your ways and think big about your life and never stop praying. You will never remain the same again. See you at the top!

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