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In world of existence, humanity has been bedevilled with so many problems of which philosopher are out to solve, these problems range from what is love, politics, beauty, justice and so many others. It is as a result of this that philosophy comes to share and act as veritable instrument that examines the problem in a clear and distinct manner just like Rene Descartes intends doing. However, we must note that philosophy does not put a stop on things that are physical but rather it transcends it.  Philosophy by its nature does not have a standard definition. It depends on the angle in which one is looking at it. That is why philosophy has diversified itself into forms. But it can adequately be grasp in two ways; that is, “the traditional and applied” the traditional branch of it comprises logic, epistemology, and metaphysics.

It is from the applied branch that the contemporary philosophers tried to examine some social facts that hinges on man and the society. By this, man has been able to pull out of their dogmatic beliefs so as to have a better view about themselves as well as to understand their society. It is on this supposition that the concept of gossip would be treated.

The Theory of Gossip.

Gossiping, when looked at, one cannot but say it is a social phenomenon. Of course, it is not a mistaken fact but aside being a social reality. It also has moral implication. Contemporary philosophers had deem it fit just like the sociologist, political scientist; psychologists, to go beyond mere describing but intuitively and rationally considering it from a different point of view. Gossips do not play a differentiating role when linked with philosophy. Philosophers recently tried to know the course of its origin and whether it can be partially or totally eradicated. Gossip can actually down to when man starts seeing the need to interact in terms of how to acquire wealth, how to rule in the society, how to know who the wise man on earth is, and some religious facts. In Plato’s apology, the life and trial of Socrates was captured with so much envy and hatred.

The apology begins with Socrates saying that he does not know if the Athenians have been persuaded by his accusers. Socrates basically believes that ignorant is the bane on which knowledge is built on; that is, whoever that has the conviction about his ignorance is a wise man. This later built what was regarded as Socratic Irony. Socrates wisdom was confirmed by the god but he refuted it, instead of agreeing to it, he set out for a journey to know among the reputable people who are held in high esteem to possess high level of any knowledge so as to prove contrary that he does not have any knowledge.

However, he discovered that every of those whom he dialogued with fell into the same pit of not knowing their ignorance. He was able to do this through his dialectical method. This has made so many people say that he once launched this attack on, to turn away from providing food for their soul to what I now called “gossip” and this had made him be charged with various accusations owning to the hatred he has received from his contemporaries. He was accused of corrupting the youths, also preaching false god, and also being ascribed as a wisest man in Athens. Socrates said that the old charges stemmed from years of gossip and prejudice against him, hence, was difficult to address.

In the light of this, one can adequately describe or define gossip as what Ovida refers to as a cruel story runs on wheel as they run. In recent time, gossip has received a new dimension. It is now something that is attached to the feminine gender. It is on this that we will consider it from the feminine point of view. The term gossip simply means an informal talk or stories about other peoples’ private life, whether rumour or fact, especially when malicious. By this, one cannot boldly say that rumour is an agent of gossip. One might want to ask why there is gossiping? What has been the achievement of gossips? Can there be an end to gossip? These and many other questions constitute what we will be explaining below.

Female, using Nigeria as a case study, has considered gossiping as a way through which they socialize among their fellow folks; why because they see it as an open workshop to discuss current event, happenings in the society, etc, instead of developing the society. It is on this that one can vividly state when gossip can be carried out in places such as: market place, telephone booth, house to house, work place, etc.

Majorly, female are regarded as a second class citizen; that is why Aristotle distinguished male from female folk. According to Aristotle, the function of man is on activity of the soul in accordance to the reason. To him, it is only male that has capacity for reasoning. Women to him have deficiency in the process of mating. And as such he sees female character as a sort of natural deficiency. Furthermore, he believed that female contributed to the material portion of the embryo while the male contributed the principle of soul or the capacity for reasoning. It is on this that they are much concerned with material need rather than looking beyond. Thus, they introduce the theory of gossip to satisfy and to feel among their fellow gender. In this regards, the female gossip has turned into a philosophical questions and enquiry on how some people become successful and how some are poor. It spreads like virus among the lower class and the upper class in the society.

Females begin an agent of cosmetic and design, gossip on the latest trend of fashion that is out, and most make use of it and how fitting it is on the user. Also in most working places, women gossip on how their colleagues get themselves involved in extra-marital affairs with some top officials in the department. Sudden achievement by any member of their community without a clear explanation is exposed to gossip. This therefore, show that some people gossip about so many things such as riches, fame, position, education, etc.

Effects of Gossip.

Gossip begin a negative criticism against all forms of achievement which include love, wealth, politics, etc., portends a bad omen to the actualization of any visible development in a country. Gossip has made the female redundant, because the ability to lead people such that encompass perseverance, secrecy, Justice, accountability has been slaughtered on the altar of irrelevant discussion. Their mentality is not enhancing until the gifted one just like Plato will say it that when they develop their faculty, that is when they can be meaningfully recognized. Their impact in the political system has been looked down on. Their moral contributions are at low ebb. That is the reason Aristotle refers to them as second fiddle. Cynthia Ozick holds that people who are mistaken facts for ideas are incomplete thinkers; they are gossips. By gossip, women abandoned their own business and face another people’s business until the female put a stop to this coupling with others in like manner, they will continue to be marginalize.


It is not a gain saying fact that the female ones will continue to be seen as an element of destabilization if there mental cognitions are not changed. Macbeth was deceived owing to over ambition of his wife towards power and position. Females need to think and show to their male counterparts that life goes beyond gossiping by putting up innovation that will bring development in our political life, economy, as well as social re-engineering.

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