14 hours ago

    What is the Meaning of Wearing an anklet bracelets? 

    By:  Anklets, which are also called ankle bracelets, are commonly referred to as payals in India. An anklet with trinkets attached is called a Pajeb in India. Anklets are featured in Indian marriages and are donned…
    16 hours ago

    8 Beautiful Hairstyles to Rock If You’re on a Low Budget 

    By:, When one is on a budget, it feels almost impossible to make a choice on what hair-do to rock. It starts to feel like every beautiful hairstyle costs money and only ugly ones are…
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    2 days ago

    Cannibalism: Killing and Eating Fellow Humans in Progression!

    By: Gbenga Matthew SALAMI, The process of cannibalism seems to be developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state these days as a  number of issues having connection with killing, strangling, selling human parts in…
    2 days ago

    Dealing with Unwillingness to go to School

    By: Scott Fetzer [Chicago], The first sign of a school problem may be an unwillingness to go to school. Some children starting school show their fear of school openly. They cry, say that they hate school,…
    2 days ago

    Why You Say ‘Um’ Before Certain Words

    By: Mindy Weisberger, What’s that … um … word? If you pay closer attention to those moments when an “um” an “uh” or an awkward pause inserts itself into your conversation, you may notice that the…
    2 days ago

    Can You Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend?

    By: Bahar Gholipour, Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to your health; many studies even link the lack of Z’s to higher odds of dying during a certain time period. But a new study from…

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